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[AUDIO] How Trumps’s Vulgar Comments About Africa Play Right Into China’s Hands

What little Donald Trump has said about Africa during his first year in office as U.S. president has not exactly been very positive. Comments about Nigerians living “huts,” making up a fictitious name for an African country, and, of course, his alleged vulgar description of Africa as home to “%#%$*hole” countries. But at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, we ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Get Ready Africa, the Big “Trump-Shift”​ to China is Coming

Over a month into his presidency, Donald Trump has yet to utter a single word about his foreign policy vision for Africa. Given that the combative president has picked fights with Mexico, Australia and, of course the Chinese, while making antagonizing other long-term allies like the Swedes with false information, a lot of African leaders may actually be relieved that their countries and continent are ... Read More »