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[PODCAST] China’s ‘Belt & Road’ Trading Strategy Presents New Challenge to U.S. Influence in Africa

The implementation of China’s ambitious “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) trade agenda in Africa is now fully underway. The launch of the Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya, the opening of the new navy base in Djibouti and dozens of other major infrastructure development projects along Africa’s eastern shore are all part of this new ambitious strategy. OBOR’s roll-out in Africa comes at an important time ... Read More »

[AUDIO] How Donald Trump could give China a real boost in Africa

The election of Donald Trump has introduced a new era of uncertainty in global politics, especially in Africa where the president-elect has said nothing about his foreign policy agenda for the continent. Not surprisingly, Trump’s unpredictable, provocative-style is sparking widespread concern across the continent as to whether the United States plans to remain engaged in Africa. China, by comparison, is moving in the opposite ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China poised to benefit from Trump’s Africa policy (or lack thereof)

Although leaders in Asia, Europe and the Americas are struggling to figure out what are the implications of Donald J. Trump’s election to the U.S. presidency. At least in those regions, the president-elect made passing references during the campaign to Japan’s future security status, or whether Washington should continue to support NATO and, of course, his desire to build that ... Read More »

[AUDIO] U.S. not concerned about Chinese competition in Africa… but it probably should be

The difference between US and Chinese foreign policies in Africa was on stark display in July when president Barack Obama made his landmark visits to Kenya and Ethiopia. The president brought along with him a vast agenda that transcended trade, democracy, human rights, gay rights, women’s issues and on and on and on. Compare that to similar visits to both ... Read More »

[AUDIO] A career in China-Africa research

Dr. Yoon Jung Park is among the most well-known Sino-Africa scholars in the field. Dr. Park has taught and done research on China-African affairs for over 20 years at universities in both the US and Africa. Now based in Washington D.C., where she co-founded the Chinese in Africa/Africans in China research network, Dr. Park reflects on the challenges and opportunities ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China looms over the US-Africa Leaders Summit

For the first time an American president is convening a summit of almost every African head of state. The stated goal of Barack Obama’s US-Africa Leaders Summit is to focus on US trade and investment, while publicly stating that the event in no way should be seen as a competition with China’s surging investment on the continent. Yeah, well, no ... Read More »

[AUDIO] US & China in Africa: Competition or Cooperation?

The United States and China are competing for markets and influence in a number of theaters around the world, none more so than in Africa. While Beijing’s “no strings attached” approach is certainly popular among Africa’s elites, the United States remains a potent economic and soft-power force. Yun Sun of the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. joins us this week ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Zambia and Bostwana Push Back Against the Chinese

If you are curious as to what a bad week for China’s diplomatic agenda in Africa looks like, then last week would be it. First, the Zambian government announced that it had finally had enough of the allegations of labor abuses and sub-standard working conditions at the Collum mine and declared that it will assume control of the controversial mine ... Read More »

Chinese media respond to John Kerry’s “China is all over Africa” statement by printing critical UK op-ed, netizens take a nationalist stance [TRANSLATION]

Major Chinese media outlets are re-printing a slightly-modified version of a January 30 op-ed from the Independent that is critical of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement on January 24 that “China is all over Africa.” A translation of the version of the op-ed being carried by Chinese news outlets and some of the comments netizens have left in response to it are below: ... Read More »

[AUDIO] With an eye on China, the US re-orients its policy in Africa

The United States announces a new foreign policy platform for Africa that is eerily similar to China’s ‘aid not trade’ position | Two of China’s largest telecom manufacturers get a two-year ban from Algeria for corruption | The pros & cons of China’s ambitious stadium diplomacy agenda in Africa and Latin America | Perspectives on the changing face of African ... Read More »