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How A Zambia Town Was Transformed by Chinese Timber Business

The following article was written by Hezhu Zhang, a fellow at China House Kenya As Chinese timber business in Africa has long been reprobated because of its damage to the environment and rural livelihood, a close case study of the development of a timber-industry-driven town in Zambian has been done recently. Hence the true impact of timber business on rural livelihood ... Read More »

Smaller Than It Looks: The Reality of Chinese Timber Investment in Zambia

The following article was written by Hezhu Zhang, a fellow at China House Kenya The first impression of Chinese timber business in Zambia may not be described as a “small-scale industry” as numerous both Chinese and Zambian are involved. However, if observed more thoroughly, vitalness of Zambian timber market is in fact awash with speculation rather than investment and real production ... Read More »

[AUDIO] How China’s insatiable demand for timber threatens Congo’s rain forests

A series of powerful forces, continents away from one another, are conspiring to devastate the vast rain forests that blanket the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There are trees in those forests whose wood is particularly celebrated in China for its color and durability. With the Chinese middle class continuing to expand, the demand for higher quality products, such as furniture, is ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China’s controversial trade in Africa’s natural resources

China often faces blistering criticism for its voracious appetite of Africa’s natural resources. Chinese companies are spread across the continent mining, logging and fishing to feed both hungry factories and people back home. In most, if not all, African countries, environmental protection laws are minimal at best, totally ineffective at worst, allowing Chinese companies to operate unregulated in this legal ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Cameroon’s illegal timber finds market in China

Cameroon’s rain forests are rapidly vanishing due to widespread corruption, according to a new report from Greenpeace Africa. The environmental activist group alleges that much of the illegally-harvested timber from Cameroon ends up in China where customs authorities look the other way against suspicious timber imports. In fact, the Chinese do not have any laws against illegal timber imports and ... Read More »