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[AUDIO] Terrorism forces its way onto the China-Africa agenda

Until just a few weeks, security had not been expected to be a major topic at the December Forum on China-Africa Cooperation summit in Johannesburg. In the span of just a few short weeks, terrorism and security issues will likely move close to the top of the agenda when Chinese president Xi Jinping meets with 50+ African counterparts. China’s vulnerability ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China’s expanding military presence in Africa

China is steadily expanding its military footprint in Africa, highlighted by the recent deployment of 700 combat-ready troops to join a multinational peacekeeping operation in South Sudan. In all, the People’s Liberation Army and Navy now have an estimated 2,700 soldiers, sailors, engineers and medical staff stationed across the continent. The number of troops deployed in Africa is extremely small, ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China FM to Africa: ‘we’re not building an empire’

There is a custom in Chinese diplomacy that the Foreign Minister’s first overseas trip of the year always begins in Africa. This year was no exception as Wang Yi led a high-profile tour of five African states including Kenya, Sudan, the DR Congo, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. Wang opened the tour on a somewhat provocative note by challenging critics who ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China in Africa: 2014 Year in Review

2014 marked another landmark year in Sino-African relations as bilateral trade between the two regions broke new records while political/diplomatic/military ties all strengthened across the board. Yet despite the tangible progress made this year, this burgeoning relationship also began to encounter some of its most significant obstacles as both governments and publics across the continent showed significant frustration with Chinese ... Read More »

[AUDIO] How South Sudan is changing China

It’s widely accepted that China is having a profound impact on China but rarely are African countries credited with changing China. The rare exception is South Sudan. China’s complex economic and political interests in the country are prompting Beijing to re-think some of its long-held diplomatic principals including its so-called ‘non interference’ doctrine. Dr. Luke Patey, a leading expert on ... Read More »

China-Africa Trade Unions High-Level Seminar [TRANSLATION]

Creating a communication platform to serve China-Africa friendship With China-Africa relations getting increasingly closer, more and more enterprises enter Africa and invest in Africa. Within this phenomenon, how to build up harmonious labor relations and promote the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises in Africa? The China-Africa Trade Unions High-Level Seminar “Multi-National Corporations Labour Relations and the Role of Trade Unions” ... Read More »

Kidnappings in Sudan prompt outrage on Chinese social networks [TRANSLATION]

Posted by Weibo user “Front-Page Headline”, who has 16,068,082 followers, on Jan. 13 at 21.17. This post has been forwarded 576 times and has been commented upon 323 times 3 Chinese workers kidnapped in Sudan, an engineer also missing — Unidentified armed militants ambushed 3 Chinese workers in Sudan on the afternoon of the 12th. One Chinese engineer and a Sudanese ... Read More »

[AUDIO] The Chinese quagmire in Sudan

As fighting between the rival Sudans resumes and an all-out civil war appears increasingly likely, China is seemingly stuck in the middle without a clear plan. Despite its best efforts to calm the situation through mediation, Beijing has failed, so far, to prevent an escalation in violence and tensions in the region. Increasingly, South Sudanese rebels are drawing the Chinese in as ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China grapples with ‘hostage politics’ in Africa

China’s unprecedented expansion across Africa encountered a dramatic setback this past week with the kidnapping of dozens of its nationals in both Egypt and Sudan. In all, over 50 Chinese workers were taken captive and although most have now been released, an estimated two dozen remain hostage. Twice in a week. It could be just a coincidence that both Egyptian and Sudanese militants ... Read More »