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[AUDIO] Africa’s Expensive, High Stakes Gamble to Lure Chinese Manufacturers

Newly-built industrial parks are popping up across Africa as part of a new effort to pick up some of the estimated 85 million jobs that China is expected to shed as it offshores more of its manufacturing. In April, Senegal unveiled a new $139 million park on the outskirts of Dakar which the government hopes will become a hub for Chinese textile manufacturing. Similarly, ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Greenpeace: China illegally fishing in West Africa

A new report by the environmental activist group Greenpeace alleges that hundreds of Chinese vessels are illegally fishing off the coast of West Africa. Greenpeace claims an estimated one-fifth of China’s entire distant water fishing fleet now operates in Africa where they often under-report their gross tonnage that leads to over-fishing while depriving local governments of badly needed tax revenue. ... Read More »

New Chinese series for the African French-speaking countries


“The Chinese dream will be more easily accepted by foreign audiences when it is manifested in small and touching stories” Meng Jian (Professor at Fudan University)   Since yesterday, 14th of December 2013, a new series has entered the Senegalese houses: 媳妇的美好时代, translated as “A beautiful daughter-in-law Era” in english and “Doudou et ses belles-mères” in French.   The story of ... Read More »