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[AUDIO] 2017 China-Africa Year in Review

2017 was an eventful year in China-Africa relations. Overall the two sides remain deeply engaged with one another, however indications began to emerge this year that the relationship is undergoing a profound change. No longer can we expect to see steadily rising China-Africa trade volumes as prices for many African commodity were largely flat in 2017 and China also started ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China’s undeserved reputation for building bad infrastructure in Africa

The Chinese build more infrastructure in Africa than any other country (foreign or African). Chinese banks are financing billions of dollars in new loans, aid packages and other deals to build badly-needed infrastructure across the continent and it’s Chinese companies that are doing most of the engineering and construction work. Between 2009 and 2014, the Chinese signed $328 billion in ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Mali’s $11 billion Chinese gamble

Mali appears to be engaged in a risky diplomatic face-off with China over a proposed $11 billion rail project. While Chinese officials have refused to publicly commit to the project, Malian leaders say the two mine-to-coast rail contracts have actually been finalized. Other African countries have largely been unsuccessful in the past trying to pressure the Chinese through the media. ... Read More »

Chinese construction of Angola Benguela railway project completed [TRANSLATION]

By Jana Mudronova China Railway Construction announced completion of 1,344 km Benguela Railway in Angola on August 13. The railway will be put in operation later this year. According to Xinhua, this is the second largest railway project constructed by Chinese in Africa after TAZARA in Tanzania. The Chinese news site The Observer reports on the completion of the rail line ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China’s Second Continent: The Howard French Interview

China may be sincere in its belief that its engagement in Africa is not neo-colonial or imperial in nature but author Howard French argues that may be what ultimately happens if Beijing continues on its current path. In his provocative new book, China’s Second Continent, French travels across the continent to survey Chinese and African opinions about the PRC’s expansive ... Read More »