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[AUDIO] Is China a partner or predator in Africa (or both)?

Depending on who you speak with, China’s engagement in Africa is often described in extreme terms as either the best thing to happen to the continent in the post-colonial era or just the latest foreign predator coming to pillage Africa of its resources. With China’s presence in Africa now stretching across nearly all 54 countries where an estimated one million Chinese immigrants now live and hundreds of billions ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Chinese cultural diplomacy in Africa

The Chinese government has spent billions of dollars in Africa on public diplomacy initiatives that are intended to improve the country’s image. Central to that strategy is the growing network of Confucius Institutes (CIs) spread across the continent that are designed to introduce Chinese language and culture to the African masses. Today there are over 40 CIs in Africa but ... Read More »

Re-thinking China’s government-run volunteer programs in Africa [TRANSLATION]

Rethinking China’s public diplomacy with Africa — The Foreign Aid Youth Volunteers Program as a case study [This article was co-written by Wang Xiaozhi, a professor of international relations at Peking University, Huang Lizhi, a PhD student in the department of international relations at Peking University and Liu Haifang, the deputy director of the Africa Research Center at Peking University, ... Read More »