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[AUDIO] Does just one man in China control the fate of Africa’s elephants?

In the powerful new Netflix documentary “The Ivory Game,” Elephant Action League Executive Director Andrea Crosta ominously warned that the entire fate of Africa’s elephants is in the hands of a single man, Chinese president Xi Jinping. Only President Xi has the power, argued Crosta, to shut down China’s domestic ivory trade that drives so much of the killing of ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Why reducing ivory demand in China will not curb poaching in Africa

“When the buying stops, the killing can too” reads the popular slogan that WildAid uses in its anti-ivory campaign to raise awareness in China. WildAid, along with most Western environmentalists, contend that curbing demand in China for ivory is the key factor to help save the African elephant from extinction. Damien Mander disagrees. Mander is the founder of the International ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Report: Chinese diplomats & officials tied to ivory trade in Africa

A recent report by the UK-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) alleges Chinese diplomats and officials are directly involved in the ivory trade in Africa. Most damaging, the EIA reports that even some members of visiting Chinese president Xi Jinxing’s delegation smuggled dozens of kilos of ivory back after an official state visit to Tanzania in March 2013. If true, the ... Read More »

The Chinese-African honeymoon is over

There is a growing sense among Africans and Chinese alike that their once heady romance is now entering a new, more pragmatic phase. Across Africa, people and politicians are becoming visibly more concerned about the surging trade deficits, massive loan debts, persistent labor rights violations and a changing immigrant demography that may be beyond their control. China, for its part, ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Chinese environmental sustainability in Africa

The Chinese have a well-earned reputation in Africa for not being very environmentally conscious. From highly mechanized clear cutting of tropical forests to the wholesale slaughter of endangered wildlife, the Chinese do not have an impressive track record on the continent. However, there are indications that that may now beginning to change. Our guest this week, Xiaoxue Weng of the ... Read More »

Chinese netizens react to poacher poisoning of nearly 100 elephants in Zimbabwe [TRANSLATION]

The Zimbabwean government announced September 25 that ivory poachers killed at least 87 elephants in a wildlife sanctuary in the country by pouring cyanide cocktails into their watering holes. This story was widely reported by Chinese media and attracted the attention of many Chinese netizens. Below are the top comments left by Chinese netizens on the version of the story carried ... Read More »