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[AUDIO] Africa Emerges as New Front in Asia’s Power Politics

This past New Year’s eve, just a few hours before midnight, one of Japan’s largest daily newspapers published a story that took a lot of people by surprise. The Japanese government, according to the report in Yomiuri Shimbun, quietly floated the idea of inviting its longtime Asian rival China to collaborate on development projects in Africa in exchange for Beijing’s ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Here’s How China Is Changing Africa’s Future

Amid a surge of European and U.S. inward-looking nativist populism, the West’s longstanding influence in Africa is in retreat. At the same time, China appears to be doubling-down on globalism with a trillion dollar bet called “One Belt, One Road” or OBOR. OBOR is China’s hugely ambitious global mercantile agenda that aims to connect the PRC to trade routes across the ... Read More »