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Rebutting the charge of neo-colonialism: China’s need for soft power in Namibia

The following article was written by Jie Zhu, a youth fellow at China House Kenya in Nairobi “Some Chinese customers treat me like a dog even though I send them deliveries every day”, said Luisa, a waitress working in a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, Windhoek, Namibia. She had been jobless for several months before signing up for a job here and her ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Why Trump’s “Nambia” gaffe is so important to the China-Africa narrative

U.S. President Donald Trump revealed deeper levels of ignorance about Africa than many thought possible during a luncheon speech this week to a group of African leaders. During his brief, 800-word speech, Trump twice mentioned the non-existent country of “Nambia.” Immediately after the speech, there was widespread disbelief and even confusion as to whether the president was referring to Gambia, ... Read More »

[PODCAST] Africa’s vital role in China’s drive to triple nuclear energy output

China is pursuing an ambitious plan to triple its nuclear energy output by 2020, from 2% of the country’s total energy supply to 6%. Beijing’s nuclear power agenda is part of the government’s broader agenda to reduce carbon emissions that is contributing to staggeringly high-levels of pollution in many of China’s largest cities. To do so, the Chinese have embarked on ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Namibia’s Chinese ivory smugglers

Namibia is the rare country in Africa that seems to be holding its own against ivory poachers. Whereas in most other southern African countries the elephant population is being decimated, in Namibia, according to the government, the number of elephants has actually increased by 20% since 2005 to over 20,000. Namibia’s zero tolerance policy for poachers may explain in part ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China’s controversial hair exports to Africa

Thousands, maybe even millions of African women, are wearing hair extensions made in China. What they probably don’t know is that hair may not be, well, from humans. BBC contributor Sam Piranty recently reported from China’s factory zones on the complexities of the Sino-African hair trade and how in a small way this industry represents the best and worst of ... Read More »

China-Africa Trade Unions High-Level Seminar [TRANSLATION]

Creating a communication platform to serve China-Africa friendship With China-Africa relations getting increasingly closer, more and more enterprises enter Africa and invest in Africa. Within this phenomenon, how to build up harmonious labor relations and promote the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises in Africa? The China-Africa Trade Unions High-Level Seminar “Multi-National Corporations Labour Relations and the Role of Trade Unions” ... Read More »

[AUDIO] The Chinese “invasion” of Africa’s informal economy

Tens of thousands of independent, small-scale Chinese merchants are “invading” Africa’s informal economy, posing a long term economic risk for the continent according to University of North Carolina professor Margaret C. Lee. Professor Lee joins us this week to talk about the pressure African merchants are facing from these Chinese traders and the dire long term consequences that could arise ... Read More »

[AUDIO] The China in Africa podcast: getting to know each other

China’s embrace of Africa has produced some stunning statistics.  The numbers look great pretty much across the board.From trade volumes to foreign investment to the growing popularity of Chinese ministerial junkets, the data all looks great.  No, in fact, it’s fantastic.  But those numbers don’t tell the whole story.  While money, goods and services are flowing back and forth at unprecedented ... Read More »