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[PODCAST] The U.S. & China spend millions fighting malaria in Africa, so why don’t they work together?

Every year malaria kills 400,000 Africans, mostly toddlers under 5 years old, and costs the continent an estimated 12 billion dollars annually in lost productivity. Unlike HIV, malaria does not require sophisticated drugs or other costly treatments. In fact, the cost of treating the disease is relatively inexpensive, according to data from the WHO, and preventing through the use of medicated ... Read More »

From aid to business? Chinese medical companies arrive in Africa

The following article was written by Wang Yujue, a fellow at China House Kenya “Nowadays, getting malaria is like getting the common cold,” explains Nancy, who has long suffered from the illness—a result, she suspects, of the unsanitary conditions of the community in western Nairobi where she makes home. When she was a teenager, Nancy recalls, the medicine used to ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China’s BIG gamble in the TINY Comoros Islands

The Comoros is a tiny island nation off the east coast of Africa in the Indian ocean and where a major Chinese experiment is underway. Chinese scientists and pharmaceutical have undertaken a radical experiment to test an unlicensed anti-malarial herbal medicine on the ENTIRE population of the Comoros. Succeed or fail, the stakes are incredibly high. Separately, Beijing is also ... Read More »

Chinese media condemn reports that fake Chinese medicines are being sold in Africa, evoking mixed responses from netizens [TRANSLATION]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Claims that Africa is under threat from imported China-manufactured fake medicines are unfounded People Net, Beijing, December 27, by Luo XI The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Hua Chunjia held a routine press conference on the 27th, at which she said that claims that fake medicines mostly manufactured in China have entered parts of Africa and ... Read More »

Chinese professor says fake malaria drugs being sold in Africa are African, not Chinese

The China Africa Project recently conducted the following interview with Yuan Wu, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of West Asian and African Studies, about recent reports that suggest that China-manufactured fake anti-malarial medicines are being exported to Africa.   CAP:  What kinds of drugs does China export to Africa? Professor Yuan: Chinese companies export many ... Read More »