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[AUDIO] Chinese money is helping Africa to be next manufacturing powerhouse

Author Irene Yuan Sun argues in her now book that Africa is poised to become the world’s next manufacturing boosted by Chinese investment and production expertise. With costs steadily rising in the PRC, more and more companies are looking to offshore production from China to more affordable countries. Africa and its abundant population of young workers, free trade access into the US ... Read More »

[AUDIO] New short film humanizes the China-Africa relationship

When independent filmmaker Carl Houston Mc Millan was growing up in the tiny southern African country of Lesotho he saw firsthand the effects of China’s surging engagement in Africa. Even in this remote country, embedded within South Africa, far away from the major hubs of Chinese immigration in Johannesburg and Nairobi he could feel his community was undergoing a profound change. Unlike ... Read More »

[AUDIO] “Sinophobia” on the rise in Lesotho

Lesotho is one of Africa’s smallest countries and is often over-looked by its larger, all-surrounding neighbor, South Africa. However, several interesting phenomena are occurring in Lesotho that warrant closer inspection. In a country wracked by grinding poverty where almost a quarter of the population suffers with HIV/AIDS and an even larger number face chronic unemployment, it nonetheless is attracting a ... Read More »

PRC workers at a Taiwanese factory in Lesotho decry alleged abuse [TRANSLATION]

[TRANSLATION] “Friends Who Live and Work in Lesotho Please Participate” (在莱索托工作生活的朋友请进): a thread on Baidu Tieba, China’s largest bulletin board service, with 712 posts as of Feb. 15, 2013. Selected posts: —– 吧友121.229.227.*: Would you mind letting me know about the situation in Lesotho? I’m considering whether or not I should go. Is there someone who works at Nien Hsing? (Published 2008-05-31 17:23) ... Read More »