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[AUDIO] China spends billions in Egypt to woo the ‘Arab Street’

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s recent state visit to Beijing is the latest evidence that China is manuevering to play a bigger role in the Middle East and Persian Gulf. The two countries reportedly signed deals worth upwards of $65 billion during the summit. Beijing’s plans for the region, though, extend far beyond just doing business and the Saudi kingdom. Any country that vies ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China’s ambitious new ‘Silk Road’ trade route takes shape in Africa

Four years and hundreds of billions of dollars later, China’s ambitious global trading strategy known as the “New Maritime Silk Road” or “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) is now coming to life, particularly in parts of East Africa where major infrastructure and defense projects are being built. New ports in Tanzania, rail lines in Kenya, naval facilities in Djibouti and ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China grapples with ‘hostage politics’ in Africa

China’s unprecedented expansion across Africa encountered a dramatic setback this past week with the kidnapping of dozens of its nationals in both Egypt and Sudan. In all, over 50 Chinese workers were taken captive and although most have now been released, an estimated two dozen remain hostage. Twice in a week. It could be just a coincidence that both Egyptian and Sudanese militants ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China’s role in the Egyptian revolution

China’s rise impacts the economy and political conscience of most countries. The scenes of protest and discontent have been felt across the Arab world January of 2011  and center on a disaffected youth’s desire for a better future – and a say in the crafting of that future. In this podcast, longtime China expert Michael McCune and I discuss the ... Read More »