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Rebutting the charge of neo-colonialism: China’s need for soft power in Namibia

The following article was written by Jie Zhu, a youth fellow at China House Kenya in Nairobi “Some Chinese customers treat me like a dog even though I send them deliveries every day”, said Luisa, a waitress working in a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, Windhoek, Namibia. She had been jobless for several months before signing up for a job here and her ... Read More »

[PODCAST] China may be a lot of things in Africa, but it’s NOT a colonizer

One of the most durable narratives about the Chinese in Africa is that the PRC is now just the newest foreign country to colonize the continent. While the Europeans may have used brute force, according to this widely-held perception, the Chinese instead using money to buy Africa’s land, corrupt its leaders and export its raw materials. Sure the methods may ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Critique of Al Jazeera’s “The New Scramble for Africa”

Al Jazeera English’s Marwan Bashara hosts a compelling episode of the documentary series “Empire” on “The New Scramble for Africa.” The program is yet another in a series of high quality programs from AJE that explore China’s engagement on the continent. Although Bashara does an excellent job in exploring the issue from multiple sides, he also frames the issue in ... Read More »

China’s New Competitor: Africa

By Edward Paice and Jonathan Bhalla of the Africa Research Institute “China: friend or foe?” was the title of a special Q & A session with the BBC’s World Affairs Editor, John Simpson, on Tuesday 30 July. Of course loaded leading questions – cast in binary terms – tend to produce answers that are of little value. “China is neither ... Read More »

[AUDIO] John Kerry on US-China-Africa relations

In his Senate confirmation hearings, Washington’s new top diplomat John Kerry used some historically loaded language when it came to describing the Chinese in Africa. He will have a very steep learning curve on this issue when he takes office this week | Even if the US is committed to catching up to the Chinese in Africa, foreign affairs columnist ... Read More »

Chinese media respond to John Kerry’s “China is all over Africa” statement by printing critical UK op-ed, netizens take a nationalist stance [TRANSLATION]

Major Chinese media outlets are re-printing a slightly-modified version of a January 30 op-ed from the Independent that is critical of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement on January 24 that “China is all over Africa.” A translation of the version of the op-ed being carried by Chinese news outlets and some of the comments netizens have left in response to it are below: ... Read More »

[AUDIO] The Chinese Winning Hearts, Minds and Wallets in Africa

In this edition of the “China in Africa” podcast, host Eric Olander speaks with Africa scholar Dr. David Robinson, Phd. of Western Australia’s Edith Cowan University about his recent article “Hearts, Minds and Wallets:  Lessons from China’s Growing Relationship with Africa.”This is a very compelling piece of work that highlights several critical double standards that Western observers often employ when evaluating ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China in Africa: Understanding the “Negative Narrative”

In this edition of the China in Africa podcast, host Eric Olander talks with Washington, D.C.-based writer and journalist Te-Ping Chen.   Chen is an editor for where she writes extensively on sustainability and social entrepreneurship in the developing world.    In a recent post on What the West Can Learn From China in Africa, Chen addressed the sensitive issue about China’s investment and development ... Read More »