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Chinese netizens react to poacher poisoning of nearly 100 elephants in Zimbabwe [TRANSLATION]

The Zimbabwean government announced September 25 that ivory poachers killed at least 87 elephants in a wildlife sanctuary in the country by pouring cyanide cocktails into their watering holes. This story was widely reported by Chinese media and attracted the attention of many Chinese netizens. Below are the top comments left by Chinese netizens on the version of the story carried ... Read More »

Chinese netizens respond to Chinua Achebe’s death [TRANSLATION]

Chinua Achebe, the renowned Nigerian literary icon, died in Boston on March 21 after a brief illness. Many of his works have been translated into Chinese, and there was an outpouring of grief on Chinese social media after his death was reported. Below are translations of some of the posts that Chinese netizens wrote in connection with his death: —– ... Read More »