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Chinese youth in Kenya: a new generation of Sino-African relations

By Yao Zongfu, China-Africa Seed Research Fellow in China House “I only admire three people in Nairobi and they are all here.”Li, a manager of a private company, said at a social meeting of a group of Chinese youth.He admire not only their ability of business but importantly their continuous efforts on improving Sino-African relationship.Chinese youth nowadays become a more ... Read More »

Chinese construction of railroads in Nigeria results in captivating love story [TRANSLATION]

[Photograph — Yan Zhiming and his wife Juliet at the Abuja-Kaduna railroad project office. Image by China Radio International] China Radio International report by Zhang Weiwei. Published February 4, 2014 on Nigerians are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Abuja-Kaduna railroad later this year. China Civil Engineering and Construction Corporation is constructing the railroad, which will connect Nigeria’s capital ... Read More »

PRC’s top Africa scholar: Africa should jump on the China bandwagon

In 2010, He Wenping, director of African Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, wrote an influential article for People’s Tribune in which she forcefully argued that “Africa should jump on the China bandwagon” and that China is helping Africa achieve democracy. Showing the continued relevance of the article, QS Theory (《求是》), the flagship theory journal of the Central Committee ... Read More »

How to Stop Ivory Trade with the Chinese Connection?

After investigating the Chinese connection with the ivory trade in Africa for the past three months, below is my own conclusion about how it is possible to break the Chinese-ivory link. Experts have estimated that China is responsible for about 70% of world ivory market. Beyond statistics, I have witnessed it with my own eyes in Africa. In some countries ... Read More »

The experience of a Chinese sophomore who volunteered to teach in Cameroon [TRANSLATION]

The experience of a 90s-generation Xiaoshan girl who volunteered to teach in Africa 90后萧山妹子非洲支教的日子 [Trans.: Xiaoshan is a district in Hangzhou, the capital of the Chinese province of Zhejiang] Published August 11, 2013 on By Xiang Yaqiong “It was a new experience for me.” That was the evaluation Guo Xinyu, a 90s-generation university student, gave of her experience teaching ... Read More »

“Chinese people are not more civilized than Africans” [TRANSLATION]

[CULTURE] A Chinese blogger who works at a mine in Mauritania recently wrote a blog post, “Chinese people are not more civilized than Africans,” which attracted a lot of  attention from Chinese netizens. We have translated the post and a selection of comments left in response to it below: ———- Chinese people are not more civilized than Africans Published August ... Read More »

China has medical aid teams stationed in 42 African countries [TRANSLATION]

China has dispatched medical aid teams to 66 countries and regions, mostly to Africa 中国曾向66个国家和地区派遣医疗队 以非洲为主 Published August 9, 2013 on China Net By Tang Jialei The National Health and Family Planning Commission held a press conference this morning at which Ren Minghui, the head of the Commission’s Department of International Cooperation, said that China has dispatched medical aid teams ... Read More »

Chinese People in Africa: An Inside View into Their Daily Lives (Translation) Part 6 – Kenya

Chinese law magazine “Rule of Law Weekly” interviewed six Chinese people who are working in Africa.  Each individual works in a different country and they all have a story to tell.  The following is the sixth installment in the six-part series. Kenya Rule of Law Weekly reporter Gao Yin   Translation by Erik Myxter “First I wanted to gain more knowledge ... Read More »

Top Chinese official in charge of African affairs chats with netizens [TRANSLATION]

Lu Shaye, director-general of African affairs at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recently had an online chat with Chinese netizens in which he addressed a wide-range of questions on China’s relations with Africa, including RMB settlement, fake drugs, pirates, soft power and debt relief. The translated version of that discussion is below. … How should we regard the current relationship ... Read More »

Who are the Chinese in Africa?

From Algeria to Angola, the Chinese population across Africa is growing rapidly. In less than a decade, hundreds of thousands of immigrants have made the long journey from mainland China to cities and villages throughout the continent.  Today, as this vast population settles in, they are having a transformative effect on the culture, economics and even politics of their new ... Read More »