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From Smuggling to “Made in Zambia”: Transformation of the Chinese Timber Business

The following article was written by Hezhu Zhang, a fellow at China House Kenya “Policy is too unstable and is getting stricter, this business has no future”. Mr. Zhou, an experienced Chinese timber businessman said, thinking about what is next for his timber business. When it comes to the difficulties of doing timber business in Zambia, fickle policies which are getting ... Read More »

How to Understand Chinese-related Environmental Problems in Africa

By Huang Hongxiang, Special to The China Africa Project Rhino horn, ivory, shark fin, lion bone, abalone, pangolin, turtle, timber… You could make a really long list about the Chinese-related environmental problems in Africa. Why? Here’s a primer on how to best understand the Chinese side of this increasingly important environmental problem: First of all, we should look at the ... Read More »