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[AUDIO] How Donald Trump could give China a real boost in Africa

The election of Donald Trump has introduced a new era of uncertainty in global politics, especially in Africa where the president-elect has said nothing about his foreign policy agenda for the continent. Not surprisingly, Trump’s unpredictable, provocative-style is sparking widespread concern across the continent as to whether the United States plans to remain engaged in Africa. China, by comparison, is moving in the opposite ... Read More »

[AUDIO] US & China in Africa: Competition or Cooperation?

The United States and China are competing for markets and influence in a number of theaters around the world, none more so than in Africa. While Beijing’s “no strings attached” approach is certainly popular among Africa’s elites, the United States remains a potent economic and soft-power force. Yun Sun of the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. joins us this week ... Read More »