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PRC’s top Africa scholar: Africa should jump on the China bandwagon

In 2010, He Wenping, director of African Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, wrote an influential article for People’s Tribune in which she forcefully argued that “Africa should jump on the China bandwagon” and that China is helping Africa achieve democracy. Showing the continued relevance of the article, QS Theory (《求是》), the flagship theory journal of the Central Committee ... Read More »

Adams Bodomo discusses his research on Africans in China

The China Africa Project recently interviewed Professor Adams Bodomo, director of the African studies program at the University of Hong Kong, on African scholarship on China and his critically acclaimed book, Africans in China: A Sociocultural Study and Its Implications on Africa–China Relations. Reviewing the book for The China Quarterly, the leading academic journal on China research, Professor Barry Sautman ... Read More »

Leading China scholar Li Anshan recalls his experiences teaching African students [TRANSLATION]

In a Chinese-language article he wrote for, Li Anshan, a renowned professor of international studies at Peking University, talks about his experiences teaching various African students, with interesting details about the different backgrounds and interests of African students who study at Peking and what they do after they finish their studies. I have taught at Peking University for 18 ... Read More »

China in Africa: Over 40? You Probably Don’t Get It

There is a discernable generational divide when it comes to opinions about the Chinese in Africa.  It isn’t subtle and the split lines up according to age.  In almost every instance, those over 40 years old frame the issue in “colonial terms” clearly influenced by their own early education of Western imperial activity on the continent.  For these critics, Beijing’s ... Read More »