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[AUDIO] China and the Rise of Africa’s New Autocrats

[AUDIO] China and the Rise of Africa’s New Autocrats

Anzetse Were is a Nairobi-based international development economist and newspaper columnist who is increasingly worried about a resurgence of autocratic rule in Africa. Buoyed by the United States’ apparent receding interest in promoting democratic and civil society values around the world, Africa’s authoritarian leaders are now seemingly taking comfort in their countries’ deepening ties with China.

Beijing, for its part, makes a point of not meddling in the internal affairs of other countries which comes as welcome news for those countries that now depend more on the PRC for trade and investment.

Show Notes:

About Anzetse Were:

Anzetse Were is an economist, researcher and analyst with over 10 years of experience working in Africa on development economics, economic analysis and research, impact investment and enterprise development. Were is a weekly columnist for the Business Daily Africa whose work has also appeared in both local and international publications and websites. Her expertise in development economics has been sought out by local and international media houses such as BBC, CNBC Africa, The EconomistThe Financial Times and local media houses.


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Eric Olander is the founder and Editor in Chief of The China Africa Project. Eric is a veteran international journalist with 20+ years experience throughout Greater China, Africa, the United States and Europe. Eric is currently based in Southeast Asia where he is the senior news executive with a leading 24-hour all business news cable TV network.

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