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PRC military analysts say China shouldn’t aid Mali. Netizens disagree, urging forceful protection of national interests [TRANSLATION]

Published  2013/01/22 08:07 by, originally published by the Global Times (Chinese version) Written by Li Jian and Jin Jing, who are both researchers at China’s Naval Research Institute China will neither send troops to Mali, nor will it give money Military says it may help with peacekeeping efforts after the war The current chaos in Mali has the potential ... Read More »

Kidnappings in Sudan prompt outrage on Chinese social networks [TRANSLATION]

Posted by Weibo user “Front-Page Headline”, who has 16,068,082 followers, on Jan. 13 at 21.17. This post has been forwarded 576 times and has been commented upon 323 times 3 Chinese workers kidnapped in Sudan, an engineer also missing — Unidentified armed militants ambushed 3 Chinese workers in Sudan on the afternoon of the 12th. One Chinese engineer and a Sudanese ... Read More »