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New Chinese series for the African French-speaking countries


“The Chinese dream will be more easily accepted by foreign audiences when it is manifested in small and touching stories” Meng Jian (Professor at Fudan University)   Since yesterday, 14th of December 2013, a new series has entered the Senegalese houses: 媳妇的美好时代, translated as “A beautiful daughter-in-law Era” in english and “Doudou et ses belles-mères” in French.   The story of ... Read More »

How Social Media Impacts China-Africa Relations and Migration

By Jinghao Lu and Cobus van Staden Why is the Internet so important in the lives of Chinese migrants to Africa? Many scholars have pointed out that the Chinese employees of Chinese enterprises in many African countries are willing or encouraged to live an isolated lifestyle away from interaction with the local community. As compensation, the companies usually provide fast ... Read More »

Will western media report good news about the Chinese in Africa?

Recently I met with a journalist from a major British media outlet here in Johannesburg. I love having conversations with my journalist friends because from them I can see how the world is going to be informed about China-Africa related topics. I am always curious of what interests western media in the light of China-Africa relations. No doubt, if an ... Read More »

China opens its first African media research institute [TRANSLATION]

(Written by Song Xinrui, edited by Huang Xianhao, published 2012-12-11 on, December 10, Beijing — This morning, China’s first institute for African media research — the Africa Communication Research Center — was declared open in the lecture hall of the New Library at the Communication University of China. The President of the Communication University of China Su Zhiwu and ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China’s Big Media Push in Africa

China took a big step in pursuit of its ambitions to become a global media power with the launch of its new Nairobi-based African CCTV African service on January 13. Beijing is reportedly committing upwards of a billion dollars towards in global satellite television projects in a bid to join the “top three” (Al Jazeera, CNN and BBC). If the current ... Read More »

3 Lessons France can offer China about government-run media

Both China and France share a common frustration with the international media and that their country’s “story” is not being accurately conveyed via the CNNs, BBCs and Al Jazeeras of the world.  After years of bitterly complaining about the injustices of international (read Western) news reporting, they both came to same conclusion: “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.”   ... Read More »

China in Africa: Over 40? You Probably Don’t Get It

There is a discernable generational divide when it comes to opinions about the Chinese in Africa.  It isn’t subtle and the split lines up according to age.  In almost every instance, those over 40 years old frame the issue in “colonial terms” clearly influenced by their own early education of Western imperial activity on the continent.  For these critics, Beijing’s ... Read More »

China in Africa: A Critique of Howard French’s “Empire” Article

China is walking down the same path towards empire in Africa as the once former European powers did a century ago writes former New York Times Shanghai and Africa correspondent Howard French in a new article for the U.S. magazine “The Atlantic.”  While his conclusion is questionable on several fronts, French’s article is far and away the best among a recent ... Read More »