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Transcription of the segment of John Kerry’s nomination hearing during which he said “China is all over Africa.”

Below is the full text of the segment of John Kerry’s nomination hearing to become US secretary of state during which he said “China is all over Africa.” The full video of the hearing is available here. The segment transcribed below starts at position 02.06.48 of the video. … Chris Coons, Democratic Party, senator from Delaware: Thank you, I want to ... Read More »

China’s Zambian Sex Scandal

Few African countries have closer links with China than Zambia. The relationship goes back decades and Chinese investment in Zambian copper mines have led to both economic growth and an anti-Chinese backlash. The recent arrest of four Chinese mining technicians on charges of sex with underage prostitutes is pushing this relationship into uncomfortable new territory. The miners are bored, the ... Read More »

Al Jazeera’s King Cobra and the Dragon

There are few other, if any, media organizations producing as many consistently ground-breaking documentaries as Al Jazeera. Their latest episode of ‘People and Power,’ hosted by Paris-based China/Africa scholar Solange Chaterlard, gives an up close view of the critical role that the Chinese played in the 2011 Zambian elections. Chaterlard leveraged her truly remarkable access in Lusaka to give the ... Read More »

[VIDEO] Angola’s Labour Pains

Australia’s SBS TV network recently produced a compelling documentary on China’s surging investment in Angola. The program reaffirms the wide range of complex issues that are involved in assessing China’s impact on the country and the continent as a whole. The program begins with an overwhelming positive response to China’s construction of desperately need infrastructure, particularly the desperately need upgrade ... Read More »

Les Chinois En Afrique

The French radio network “Radio France Internationale” has published a very interesting interactive map detailing Chinese investments, populations and infrastructure projects across Africa.  Although the map is in French it’s nonetheless easy to follow for non-Francophones and offers a great visualization of how vast China’s engagement with Africa has become. It is important to remember that just five years ago ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China in Africa podcast: Chinese business operations in the DRC

By any measure, the DRC is one of the most difficult places on earth to do business. Let’s put aside for now the problems associated with the war in the east as that’s not really the issue here. instead, we’re going to focus on  what it actually takes to get business done in a place where there’s only a hint ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Why China will not dominate FDI in Gabon

Gabon is that tiny country along the central west Africa that is often overlooked by its larger, more controversial and considerably more powerful neighbors.  With only 1.5 million people, Gabon is one of Africa’s smallest countries. Along with its modest population, Gabon also maintains a low-profile. Rarely does it make headliness in ways that neighboring Equatorial Guinea does where the ruling family/government ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China in Africa podcast: India & China Compete in Africa

Africa is now the latest front in an increasingly global competition between India and China for new markets, agricultural land and access to natural resources.  While Western media and politicians have reacted with varying degrees of alarm over the surge of Chinese trade and investment in Africa, Indian companies have been quietly building their presence on the continent. As China drives ... Read More »