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Chinese companies in Africa turn to “positive energy” for China-Africa development [TRANSLATION]

Report from the “China-Africa Trade Unions High-Level Seminar” “Build harmonious labour relations between Chinese and African enterprises, encourage enterprises to undertake more social responsibility, not only protecting workers’ rights, but also contributing to the development of China-Africa’s economy and long lasting friendship”. Deliberations from the China-Africa Trade Unions High-Level Seminar held in Beijing, “Multi-National Corporations Labour Relations and the Role ... Read More »

Senior Chinese trade official: “New Silk Road” includes Africa

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade’s Eighth Chinese Enterprises Outbound Investment Conference, which was held in Beijing recently, included a panel on Chinese investment in Africa. Highlights of the panel included a top PRC trade official saying that President Xi Jinping’s New Silk Road concept extends to Africa, and Chinese involved in trade with African countries mentioning ... Read More »

Former Kenyan PM: Africa must set terms of China’s engagement

Former Kenyan Prime Minister and current MP Raila Odinga addressed a full house plus overflow at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, June 18. Odinga’s talk addressed many issues including Chinese involvement on the continent as well as Africa’s role in the world economy and the advancement of the African Union. In regards to China’s trading presence in ... Read More »

“Shanglin County Clique’s” African Gold Rush: Get Rich or Die Trying (translation)

Translated by Erik Myxter On May 15th The 21st Century Business Herald out of Guangzhou published a thrilling article about Chinese illegal gold mining activity in Ghana.   The following is a translation of that article. “上林帮”非洲淘金记:身家上亿或埋骨他乡 21世纪经济报道 梁钟荣 南宁、深圳报道 2013-05-15 00:57:39 “Shanglin County Clique’s” African Gold Rush: Get Rich or Die Trying 21st Century Business Herald   Reporting from Nanning: Liang ... Read More »

Deborah Brautigam discusses the US and China’s relations with Africa

Deborah Brautigam, The Dragon's Gift

The China Africa Project recently conducted a two-part interview with Deborah Brautigam, a professor of international development at Johns Hopkins University, who is one of the preeminent experts on China-Africa relations. In this second part of the interview, Professor Brautigam talks about competition between the US and China for African trade, Chinese and US aid to Africa, the effectiveness of ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China’s role in the illegal African ivory trade

Elephant and rhino poaching top the agenda again on the show this week following a pair of very high-profile media stories from the New York Times and National Geographic TV. There seems to be a growing awareness in the West, or at least among certain media producers, that China’s seemingly endless appetite for ivory is having a devastating impact on ... Read More »

PRC workers at a Taiwanese factory in Lesotho decry alleged abuse [TRANSLATION]

[TRANSLATION] “Friends Who Live and Work in Lesotho Please Participate” (在莱索托工作生活的朋友请进): a thread on Baidu Tieba, China’s largest bulletin board service, with 712 posts as of Feb. 15, 2013. Selected posts: —– 吧友121.229.227.*: Would you mind letting me know about the situation in Lesotho? I’m considering whether or not I should go. Is there someone who works at Nien Hsing? (Published 2008-05-31 17:23) ... Read More »

Transcription of the segment of John Kerry’s nomination hearing during which he said “China is all over Africa.”

Below is the full text of the segment of John Kerry’s nomination hearing to become US secretary of state during which he said “China is all over Africa.” The full video of the hearing is available here. The segment transcribed below starts at position 02.06.48 of the video. … Chris Coons, Democratic Party, senator from Delaware: Thank you, I want to ... Read More »

China’s Zambian Sex Scandal

Few African countries have closer links with China than Zambia. The relationship goes back decades and Chinese investment in Zambian copper mines have led to both economic growth and an anti-Chinese backlash. The recent arrest of four Chinese mining technicians on charges of sex with underage prostitutes is pushing this relationship into uncomfortable new territory. The miners are bored, the ... Read More »

Al Jazeera’s King Cobra and the Dragon

There are few other, if any, media organizations producing as many consistently ground-breaking documentaries as Al Jazeera. Their latest episode of ‘People and Power,’ hosted by Paris-based China/Africa scholar Solange Chaterlard, gives an up close view of the critical role that the Chinese played in the 2011 Zambian elections. Chaterlard leveraged her truly remarkable access in Lusaka to give the ... Read More »