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[AUDIO] China steps up in West Africa to help fight ebola

China appears to be leveraging the ebola crisis in West Africa to radically improve its controversial foreign aid record. In contrast to Western countries who have evacuated their medical personnel from the region, China has sent teams of experts along with millions of dollars in badly needed medical supplies. Their efforts appear to be paying off in the eyes of ... Read More »

The U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit — in China’s footsteps?

By Jana Mudronova, Phd candidate at University of Witwatersand The first US- Africa Leaders Summit spurred debates long before it took place in August 4-6. However, analyses and controversies coming both from news sections and editorials do not stop with the last plane carrying African leaders back home. Chinese media presentations of the summit shed light on Chinese perceptions of their ... Read More »

[AUDIO] How China & US are “complementary rivals” in Africa

There is a persistent meme within the international media that China’s rise in Africa represents a “new scramble” for resources on the continent or a new form of colonialism. Beijing-based China-Africa analyst and attorney Kai Xue says contrary to this view, increased engagement of the Chinese and the US in Africa among other major powers actually offers tremendous benefits for ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Critique of Al Jazeera’s “The New Scramble for Africa”

Al Jazeera English’s Marwan Bashara hosts a compelling episode of the documentary series “Empire” on “The New Scramble for Africa.” The program is yet another in a series of high quality programs from AJE that explore China’s engagement on the continent. Although Bashara does an excellent job in exploring the issue from multiple sides, he also frames the issue in ... Read More »

[AUDIO] China looms over the US-Africa Leaders Summit

For the first time an American president is convening a summit of almost every African head of state. The stated goal of Barack Obama’s US-Africa Leaders Summit is to focus on US trade and investment, while publicly stating that the event in no way should be seen as a competition with China’s surging investment on the continent. Yeah, well, no ... Read More »

The Chinese-African honeymoon is over

There is a growing sense among Africans and Chinese alike that their once heady romance is now entering a new, more pragmatic phase. Across Africa, people and politicians are becoming visibly more concerned about the surging trade deficits, massive loan debts, persistent labor rights violations and a changing immigrant demography that may be beyond their control. China, for its part, ... Read More »

French perspective: The narrative of China as a competitor in Africa

French narrative on China in Africca : future

The 2013 summit on Peace and Security in Africa which took place in Paris on the 6th and 7th of December and the economic forum France-Afrique which took place two days before demonstrate how France views China in Africa.   Googling in French “Chine France Afrique” after this summit, the first page of results reveals a special French feeling towards ... Read More »

The Africa summit war has started [TRANSLATION]

Guerre des Sommets Afrique Chine France

From an article published in Le Monde by Jean-Philippe Rémy 4th of December 2013 “It has been almost 40 years that annual meetings have been established between French and African leaders. In spite of our obsession to celebrate everything, no one thought about celebrating this birthday. A postcolonial embarrassment sticks to the idea of these previous “France-Afrique” summits, re-baptise so ... Read More »

Facing the breakthrough of China: The French left wing wants a strong come back to Africa [TRANSLATION]

On the 30th October 2013, two French senators specialized on Africa, Jeanny Lorgeoux and Jean-Marie Bockel (former secretary for cooperation) recommended the creation of a strong and independent ministry of Cooperation. This report, which was submitted to Jean Marc Ayrault by the Senate Commission for the Foreign Relations, is entitled “Africa is our future”. The inner circles in Cameroon worry about ... Read More »

Beijing: unaware of Gambia’s plans to sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan; netizens respond negatively [TRANSLATION]

[PRC] Foreign Ministry responds to the “cutting of diplomatic ties” between Gambia and Taiwan 外交部回应冈比亚与台”断交” By He Liu of China Daily. Published November 15 at 4:19 pm on 2013-11-15 16:19 作者 中国日报记者 何流 Responding to Gambia’s November 14 severing of diplomatic relations with Taiwan, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei said at a November 15 press conference that the Chinese government had ... Read More »