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[AUDIO] Dambisa Moyo isn’t so keen on the Chinese model for Africa

“For poor countries, China is no model” declares Zambian economist and author Dambisa Moyo in a September Wall Street Journal essay. Moyo’s criticism of the Chinese economic model and its applicability for developing countries seemingly marks a dramatic evolution of her thinking with regards to the Chinese in Africa. For years, Moyo was among the most vocal supporters of China’s ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Ebola crisis: fair to compare US & China aid?

When the ebola crisis first struck West Africa, China was among the only major powers to not only keep its personnel in the affected countries but to also send tens of millions of dollars in badly needed aid. The US, by contrast, was visibly absent. That is, until President Barack Obama announced the deployment of 3,000 US military personnel on ... Read More »

Postcards from China: the same, but different

By Hannah Ryder, Deputy Country Director for China, United Nations Development Program I’m entering into my fourth week here in Beijing, and one of the experiments I tried last weekend was to order a takeaway. I was tired from a very hectic week of meetings – that was my excuse anyway! But it turns out the process of getting a takeaway ... Read More »

Chinese construction of Angola Benguela railway project completed [TRANSLATION]

By Jana Mudronova China Railway Construction announced completion of 1,344 km Benguela Railway in Angola on August 13. The railway will be put in operation later this year. According to Xinhua, this is the second largest railway project constructed by Chinese in Africa after TAZARA in Tanzania. The Chinese news site The Observer reports on the completion of the rail line ... Read More »

China turns to Africa for solar power sales

Turned away by trade tariffs in Europe and the United States, Chinese solar panel makers are now turning to Africa as potentially huge growth market. Chinese solar power projects are popping up across the continent, ranging for a massive 200 mw facility in Ghana to rural electrification in off-grid villages in Tanzania. Although the potential for growth is tremendous, it’s ... Read More »

Chinese companies in Africa turn to “positive energy” for China-Africa development [TRANSLATION]

Report from the “China-Africa Trade Unions High-Level Seminar” “Build harmonious labour relations between Chinese and African enterprises, encourage enterprises to undertake more social responsibility, not only protecting workers’ rights, but also contributing to the development of China-Africa’s economy and long lasting friendship”. Deliberations from the China-Africa Trade Unions High-Level Seminar held in Beijing, “Multi-National Corporations Labour Relations and the Role ... Read More »

China-Africa Trade Unions High-Level Seminar [TRANSLATION]

Creating a communication platform to serve China-Africa friendship With China-Africa relations getting increasingly closer, more and more enterprises enter Africa and invest in Africa. Within this phenomenon, how to build up harmonious labor relations and promote the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises in Africa? The China-Africa Trade Unions High-Level Seminar “Multi-National Corporations Labour Relations and the Role of Trade Unions” ... Read More »

PRC’s top Africa scholar: Africa should jump on the China bandwagon

In 2010, He Wenping, director of African Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, wrote an influential article for People’s Tribune in which she forcefully argued that “Africa should jump on the China bandwagon” and that China is helping Africa achieve democracy. Showing the continued relevance of the article, QS Theory (《求是》), the flagship theory journal of the Central Committee ... Read More »

China has medical aid teams stationed in 42 African countries [TRANSLATION]

China has dispatched medical aid teams to 66 countries and regions, mostly to Africa 中国曾向66个国家和地区派遣医疗队 以非洲为主 Published August 9, 2013 on China Net By Tang Jialei The National Health and Family Planning Commission held a press conference this morning at which Ren Minghui, the head of the Commission’s Department of International Cooperation, said that China has dispatched medical aid teams ... Read More »

Deborah Brautigam discusses the US and China’s relations with Africa

Deborah Brautigam, The Dragon's Gift

The China Africa Project recently conducted a two-part interview with Deborah Brautigam, a professor of international development at Johns Hopkins University, who is one of the preeminent experts on China-Africa relations. In this second part of the interview, Professor Brautigam talks about competition between the US and China for African trade, Chinese and US aid to Africa, the effectiveness of ... Read More »