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Chinese People in Africa: An Inside View into Their Daily Lives (Translation) Part 2 – Algeria

Chinese law magazine “Rule of Law Weekly” interviewed six Chinese people who are working in Africa.  Each individual works in a different country and they all have a story to tell.  The following is the second installment in the six-part series. Algeria Rule of Law weekly reporter Gao Yin   Translation by Erik Myxter July 2012, Wang Qing (pseudonym) was sent ... Read More »

Chinese netizens respond to Chinua Achebe’s death [TRANSLATION]

Chinua Achebe, the renowned Nigerian literary icon, died in Boston on March 21 after a brief illness. Many of his works have been translated into Chinese, and there was an outpouring of grief on Chinese social media after his death was reported. Below are translations of some of the posts that Chinese netizens wrote in connection with his death: —– ... Read More »

Adams Bodomo discusses his research on Africans in China

The China Africa Project recently interviewed Professor Adams Bodomo, director of the African studies program at the University of Hong Kong, on African scholarship on China and his critically acclaimed book, Africans in China: A Sociocultural Study and Its Implications on Africa–China Relations. Reviewing the book for The China Quarterly, the leading academic journal on China research, Professor Barry Sautman ... Read More »

Leading China scholar Li Anshan recalls his experiences teaching African students [TRANSLATION]

In a Chinese-language article he wrote for, Li Anshan, a renowned professor of international studies at Peking University, talks about his experiences teaching various African students, with interesting details about the different backgrounds and interests of African students who study at Peking and what they do after they finish their studies. I have taught at Peking University for 18 ... Read More »

Multi-racial Chinese-African child Bobby abandoned by father, wants to find Chinese parents [TRANSLATION]

[TRANSLATION] Published 2013-02-01 07:27 by Tencent Zhejiang Online, February 1 report — Bobby, a multiracial Chinese-African child, was abandoned by his mother as soon as he was born. Two years ago, his father also abandoned him and returned to Africa. This eight-year-old boy now has [an unregistered adoptive] “grandmother” in Lanxi, Zhejiang, but he doesn’t have registered citizenship or registered residency (hukou), ... Read More »

Anti-African discrimination on the rise in China

At least in the governmental level, promoting “people-to-people exchange” between China and Africa was mentioned all the time. However, most of the people-to-people interactions between Chinese and Africans are not through government initiatives of sending a group of African students to a Chinese university in Zhejiang Province, or dispatching a medical team from a Chinese hospital to the hinterland of ... Read More »

Who are the Chinese in Africa?

From Algeria to Angola, the Chinese population across Africa is growing rapidly. In less than a decade, hundreds of thousands of immigrants have made the long journey from mainland China to cities and villages throughout the continent.  Today, as this vast population settles in, they are having a transformative effect on the culture, economics and even politics of their new ... Read More »

[AUDIO] Chinese Relationship and Marriage Customs in Africa

There are no precise figures on the size of the Chinese population in Africa.  Given the fluidity of this immigrant population and the weak immigration controls in most African societies reliable numbers are just impossible to achieve.  There are very sophisticated networks that serve as pipelines for people to make the long journey from China to Africa, and not surprisingly, ... Read More »

The Personal Challenge of Being Chinese in Africa

For most people, the Chinese engagement with Africa is an enigma.  The combination of these two peoples, cultures and, increasingly their politics, are just so foreign to most of us that we do not have the necessary reference points to form an opinion. Instead, what emerges, is a series of emotional arguments that mistakingly lay a Western colonial filter over ... Read More »

[AUDIO] The China in Africa podcast: getting to know each other

China’s embrace of Africa has produced some stunning statistics.  The numbers look great pretty much across the board.From trade volumes to foreign investment to the growing popularity of Chinese ministerial junkets, the data all looks great.  No, in fact, it’s fantastic.  But those numbers don’t tell the whole story.  While money, goods and services are flowing back and forth at unprecedented ... Read More »