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[AUDIO] China’s booming Africa trade in torture devices

[AUDIO] China’s booming Africa trade in torture devices

Amnesty International and the Omega Research Foundation recently published a new report that alleges China is selling hundreds of millions of dollars in so-called ‘torture tools’ to African governments. Despite mounting evidence these devices are being used to commit severe human rights abuses, little is being done to regulate or limit their sale. Patrick Wilcken is a security trade and human rights researcher at Amnesty and a co-author of the report. He joins us this week to discuss China’s booming trade in these repressive instruments.

About Patrick Wilcken (source: Linkedin)

35210f7Patrick Wilcken is a Brazil specialist and human rights activist who currently works at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International (AI) in London. He has over a decade of experience working on a wide range of human rights issues across Brazil. His research interests include policy developments in the criminal justice system, indigenous rights and housing policy. He has extensive field experience conducting research in indigenous reservations, the prison system, gang-dominated favelas, urban squats, cane plantations and areas of rural conflict. He has lobbied in Brasilia and at the UN, and has represented Amnesty in the media both in Brazil and internationally.

He is the author of two acclaimed non-fiction books: Empire Adrift: the Portuguese Court in Rio de Janeiro 1808-21, and Claude Lévi-Strauss: the poet in the laboratory, published by Bloomsbury and Penguin. Both books were published to great acclaim in the UK and the US, and have subsequently appeared in translation in Europe, South America and Asia. He has also authored a substantial body of academic and non-academic articles for a range of different publications.

Click on the image below to download a full copy of the Amnesty International/Omega Research Foundation report that Wilcken co-authored.

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